Housing for migrant workers within the Hollands Kroon municipality

The Jewish Work Village deserves a future as a living monument. A monument that tells the story of the Jewish pioneers while accommodating the migrants of our own era.

The placement of the accomodations will evoke the original barracks of the Work Village, but that will be the only thing they have in common. The architecture will greatly differ from the style of the main buidling. The buildings will clearly be a new addition to the existing area. Together, the buidlings provide model facilities for the housing of migrant workers.

Vogelvlucht vanaf zuid west


Communal facilities

In the same location as the original sixteen barracks of the Work Village, seven buildings will be erected to provide housing for migrant workers. The westernmost building will have communal facilities, including a dining hall, kitchen and laundry rooms.

120 Bedrooms

Six buildings will contain 120 high quality bedrooms on two floors. The rooms will be 24 square meters, have their own bathroom and pantry and can accomodatie one or two people.


In accordance with the municipal policy, at least 400 square meters of recreational space will be built. There will be space for gardening, animal-keeping, but also for sports and recreation.

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